Sunday, June 12, 2011

New French words and expressions

Very unexpectedly this week - after living now for five years in France - I learned a lot of new French words and expressions from our normandic ch'ti guests Jean and Patricia.

I don't know why it took so long somebody used and taught me these words - perhaps they are too local or too personal.

Here comes a small selection :

gouleyant : eng : gluggable (said of good fresh easy drinking lovely wine)

bedaine, often called coussin d'amour : eng: soft beer belly (as the synonym indicates : when not "too much belly" usually "cherished" by women)

l'occasion fait le larron : eng: opportunity makes a thief

dormir comme un caillou : eng : sleep like a log (very appropriate here as the mas address is "Caillou des Roches")

chercher midi à 14 heures : eng : the expression shows the stupidity of looking for something where it cannot be although in fact it is rather near

se jeter un verre / un coup derrière la cravatte : eng : have a few drinks (even too many)

c'est de la roupie de sansonnet : eng : something insignificant

on ne boit pas, on se désaltère : eng : no translation possible.

Honi soit qui mal y pense.

On special and general request a picture of me in recent days for my friends all over the world who after five years of not seeing me do not longer know how I look like and are curious.

As you can see I'm rather reluctant to show it.