Sunday, October 31, 2010

Modern Times in Prayssac

For once we are among the first to enter modern age.
This week in the Bélaye meander of the Lot where we live, the electric posts were removed - resulting in a "freed" landscape.

Before and after.

These days we see more and more birds of prey like kites.

Probably the last products of our "ecological" garden : some rose tomatoes, apples and walnuts - which this year have a better taste than last year. Don't ask me why.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Prayssacer Allerlei II

Nice week : cold at night but lovely during the day with yesterday a beautiful full moon.

This week again some Prayssacer Allerlei.

Because of some very cold nights the watermelons or pasteques were harvested - jam is to follow next week.

In temporary lack of the real sensation the computer brought relief: cat amusement vom Feinsten.

On special request: The best loved fish dish of the summer season :
black olive tapenaded fish held together with rosemary sticks on a bed of spinach mingled with tomatoes.

And to end with :
The most famous guy of Prayssac - no it's not Prayssac George.
Who is he and what has he done?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Prayssacer Allerlei

Now that the outdoor season is going to an end and evenings are getting colder the salon was reorganised and a coffee table bought to be prepared for more cosy evenings inside.

To get into the mood for a nice autumn and winter a lovely picture of Puy-L'Evêque by night.

This week episode 3 of jam making: this time quince jam was made.

And to end with: the hit starter dish of the summer season :
rocket salad quiche (rucola) with mixed salad with a balsamic vinegar and good olive oil dressing

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wine harvest II

The wine harvest in the Cahors region is finished: this week the weather was more than marvellous for debut october: we had sunny days of 25° - 28° - mostly accompanied however by the vent d'autan, a wind coming from the south, from Toulouse. It is often called the wind of the fools because apparently it makes foolish and nervous.
I hope it will never influence me. Or haven't I noticed it yet?

Some nice pictures of one of the technically best equipped châteaus of the region : château le Théron in Prayssac.

As it appears the harvest this year is rather small compared to last year.
Some winemakers tell us about 40% less crop - mainly due to the bad weather during the blooming of the vines in May and the high temperatures end of August.

At this time of the year the vineyards look very nice with their lovely autumn colours.

This week unfortunately a very sad event happened : Trottinette, our cat, died of old age. She was 18 yrs and 7 months.
Follows a picture of Trotti in her more glory days adhering to the cat "philosophy" of carpe diem : when there is sun, you should lay in the sun, don't wait, it can be over soon.
That's perhaps the reason why most humans like cats: the liberty to do whatever you want whenever you like.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wine Harvest

All week there was a buzz of activity around the house : the annual wine harvest.
After the white grapes - two weeks ago - this time it is the red malbec grapes that are harvested.

Because of some rainy days in the middle of the week the winegrowers had to work sometimes also during the evening and the night to gather in the grapes.

The last days were lovely : temperatures during the day around 28° C which enabled us to take the evening meal (table d'hôtes) outside - not bad for the beginning of october.
The only pity is that regional dishes like this are no longer possible : the melon season is over.

To end with : some nice pictures of daybreaks - or are these sunsets?