Sunday, May 13, 2012

Artists in the Lot - I

Today we start with a new series, entitled "Artists in the Lot", a series which I will continue at rather irregular intervals.

As you know : the Lot is not only a great territory of beautiful landscapes, historic sites, healthy and natural products as duck liver paté, cabécou goat cheese, Malbec wine, etc. but it is also the department where artists found and find a place to exercise their "métier".

The first artist in the spotlight is Martine Faupin Jado, a lady artist coming from Paris who turned her hobby into a profession.
She works with chalk, has a lovely eye for colours and interior harmony and re-decorates ancient pieces of furnitures like cabinets, cupboards, etc.

DireLot, a well known magazine that on a bimonthly turn-out puts the multiple aspects of the Lot into the limelight, focussed on Martine Faupin Jado in its May / June 2012 edition.

(click on the picture to read the text)

Among many other things she has also decorated all the guest rooms and the common sitting- and dining-room of Mas de l'Houvande.

For further information and to contact her, see her web site.