Sunday, October 4, 2015

Red wine harvest 2015

The last day of September - the day our last guests of summer left home - Vinovalie harvested our small vineyard, formerly leasehold by Château Les Rigalets.
This was way after the other neighbour winemakers who started the red wine harvest about the 20th of September.
As they said they wanted to wait the longest possible to assure that the skins and the pips became even more mature so to make sure that afterwards the tannins in the wine are softer and lighter and in the end the wine is tasting smoother, "plus soyeux".
This method is also used by the Seigneur wine of the AOC Cahors, such as e.g. Château du Cèdre, Clos Triguedina and Château Lagrézette.

Can't wait to taste the result !

Some photos :

For further info :

Today's article on the winemaking by Vinovalie (in french) and their website

Some basic knowledge on tannins.