Sunday, June 26, 2011

summer start

This week the summer started alright with estival temperatures : lovely nice swimming pool weather - just as it should be.

The most remarkable fact of the week however was the saving of the injured young of a little owl ( chouette chevêche, steenuil, civetta, Steinkauz or Athena noctua) that had fallen down from a tree in a first attempt to fly and would have been otherwise - as we say in Dutch - literally "a bird for the cat".

War is over between our two cats, Chiara and Marcello : since some days they sleep peacefully one besides the other and play at times beautifully together - two little gangsters even if you wouldn't tell it from the picture.

To end with : two panoramic pictures from two exceptional points of view in the Lot: the panorama of Bélaye just in front of the mas and the panorama of Mont St-Cyr (Cahors). Just enjoy the beautiful views.
Thanks to Lieven & Barbara for the photos.