Sunday, May 17, 2009

Waiting for the green green grass of home

This week the painting of the living room was finished and the cleaning started: future ballroom bliss?.

Also some nice embellishments in the occitane room: an argent plated rope with a brush on the end was stuck to raise the stucco head of the bed.

Meanwhile the garden was started, the ground levelled out, the grass was sown. The first day of rain was very welcome.

This weekend the first tomatoes (given to us by Maurice) and the first bushes (privet and hibiscus) were planted.

Some other small things were done: the aeration tile in form of a mushroom or lantern was put on the roof and especially the cleaning of the terrace. Things get normal again.

And finally: The mystery of the first visitor is solved. And the winner is ... Martine.