Sunday, November 4, 2012

White wine out of the red Malbec grapes

This week a "premiere" in the Lot : one of the Lot winemakers has succeeded in making white wine from red Malbec grapes.

As you can read in the regional newspaper La Dépêche du Midi of today - avec du raisin rouge il fait du vin...blanc! - it is the first time this is done in the Lot.

The principle is to harvest red Malbec grapes at an early stage where the grapes have little maturity but a correct acidity to make a white wine. If you then press it like a white wine it gives you a juice that is comparable to a pinot blanc.
After all it is the skin of the grape that gives the color.

Curious already to taste it.

After château de Fages last year with producing their top wine partially in amphoras this is another great experiment in the Lot - a true sign that nowadays the winemaking in the Lot is very dynamic.
To the benefit for the whole appellation Cahors Malbec.