Sunday, March 7, 2010

Places worth visiting IV : Bélaye

Today we visit Bélaye, a small village some 5 km from Mas de l'Houvande.
Bélaye is situated on top of a hill dominating the river Lot.
From here you have one of the most beautiful panaromas of the department: lovely sights on one of the meanders of the lot, the countryside and the Cahors vineyards.


Historically the medieval village of Bélaye was the stage of numerous battles between the British and the French during the Hundred Years' War (Guerre de Cent Ans) because of its strategic situation. Some ruins of castels give witness of this glorious past.

Apart from being a nice and quiet place for a picnic in the summer there are always open air exhibitions.

Some nice walks are possible on the top of the surrounding hills, called Cevennes.