Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cahors wines vinified in a different way

Since shortly Cahors winemakers use different methods of vinification to try to give an extra dimension and aspect to the red AOC wines.
One of the methods we already described earlier in this blog (see this entry) is using amphores like in ancient Roman times.

Recently they hit the news with another method : wine making using ovoid tanks.

The vertical ovoid tank takes its inspiration from the Roman “dolia”, a large jar for storing wine.
It takes advantage of the micro-oxygenation that is made possible by the clay-cement material.
In this giant “egg”, the lees are continuously forced upward by an internal current resembling a vortex.

Amongst the pioneers in the Lot using this method is one of our neighbours, Philippe Pontié of Château Les Grauzils.

See for yourself :

Here is the direct link to the tf1 website.