Saturday, November 21, 2009

Waiting for ... (24)


It was a lovely week : sunshine all day, so a lot of work was done in the garden, esp. mowing the grass and weeding the vegetable garden.

But before that I finished the varnishing of the wooden timbers in the attic. This room is now ready too.

Another thing done is the hanging of our nameplate : Mas de l'Houvande, in beautiful Jugendstil font / letters. So now everybody can see the name of the place (thanks to Toon & Leen).

As work is done, that's what I gonna / wanna look like in the near future, taking a winter's nap.

PS Oh yes, I almost forgot : an information just for insiders, esp. for Stefaan : I managed - at first try - to convince Fabienne to taste her products. Yamiyam.