Sunday, September 25, 2011

Red wine harvest II

All week the neighbours continued harvesting the red malbec grapes - thanks to the marvellous weather.
Midweek however something strange happened : all of a sudden some of the winemakers stopped harvesting.
Asked for the reason they told me that because of the weather forecasts for the next week - temperatures between 29° and 31° - they still hope to get a bit more maturity in the grapes.

In the meantime - together with some guests - I gave the neigbours a little help.
Yesterday we went to Château Fages and helped them harvesting their top red wine à la main.

Some impressions of this day. Thx to Toni & Rita for the pictures.

Of course afterwards we were well taken care of : a superb experience for our guests - and of course also for me.

Have a nice wine.