Sunday, October 25, 2009

Waiting for ... (20)


This week again there was a premiere: our first German guests, all the way from Saarland.

And imagine: they even brought a piece of their heimat with them as a late gift for the start of our bed & breakfast - so very nice.

Apart from that nothing very spectacular : the week has been very autumnly but for the week-end time it is a changin'.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Waiting for ... (19)


This week nothing special happened except for the first nights with frost that came very unexpectedly. It was for this region a cold record. Good thing about it and very cosy: the fire was lit for the first time this autumn.

Unfortunately this had a great influence on our garden and on the vineyards. Our tomato plants were frozen, so no more tomatoes now. But above all the wine leaves were frozen too - with the consequence that this year there will be no beautiful autumn colours. See for yourself and compare with last year.

* 2008

Now there is only some fruits left: apples and walnuts.

Oh yes I almost forgot: the third light for the staircase arrived and was installed after four months of waiting.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Waiting for ... (18)


Last weekend, Saturday 3 October, some 700 people took their clothes off to save the wines of France. This happenend in the South of Burgundy, in a vineyard in Mâcon. Together with photographer Spencer Tunick, Greenpeace wanted to create awareness for the impact of climate change, i.e. global warming, on French wines and vineyards.

Why haven't we thought of that? Inviting naked people in our vineyard?

Even outside the summer season we had a premiere: This week we received our first Spanish guests: Jesus and Alicia, the former a well-known Spanish artist: painter, sculptor and photographer.

The room Occitane and the staircase seen through the eyes of an artist (thanks to Jesus Villanueva)


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Waiting for ... (17)


This week it was time for another premiere : although I am here in Prayssac since already three years now it is by coincidence the first time that I am present at the vintage of our little vineyard. Last year we missed it as we were in Marrakech at that time. So here they come : the first photos of vintage Mas de l'Houvande.

But before that we had a rather unusual visitor here in the sunny South-West of France who came all the way from the North : a penguin on world tour who made a stop at Prayssac to visit our vineyard and made a speech standing on a vine for the survival of the penguin race - this too a premiere.

Hope to see you next week.