Sunday, May 19, 2013

White wine of Cahors : a very promising development

As the AOC Cahors is always a red wine of the Malbec grape one often forgets that in the Cahors region also white wines are produced and harvested.
This is a recent development - say of the last ten years.
Today the white wine production represents only about two percent of the total wine production.

White grape varieties cultivated in the Lot are esp. chardonnay, viognier, sémillon and sauvignon.
As they can't be called AOC Cahors the name on the bottle is Côtes du lot or vin de pays du Lot.
But this is not at all an indication of less quality - think for example of excellent Italian "vino da tavola".
As we and many of our guests have been able to experience and taste, a lot of them are wines of high quality.

I am glad to say that in Prayssac quite a few winemakers follow this new trend.

More information on this evolution in two recent French articles, one in the newspaper Le Soir and the second in a wine blog , "translated" into English here.

I would say : toast to the long Pentecost weekend with a nice white wine. Cheers !