Sunday, February 13, 2011

Video Impressions of the Lot : the truffle market of Lalbenque

Before it is too late and the season is over I want to give you some more information of one of the main products of the region, namely truffles.

The truffle in the Lot or Quercy is a black truffle, variety Tuber melanosporum, label truffe noir du Quercy.
The qualities of this "black gold" in the gastronomy are unequalled and during the truffle season some of the finest restaurants offer an all truffle menu, from starter to dessert.

Since now for 48 years between the beginning of December and the end of March there is a truffle market taking place every Tuesday in Lalbenque, a small village to the south of Cahors.

The truffle market of Lalbenque is one of the best known in France.
To get a bit more of the history of the market I propose today two videos who also give an excellent impression of the atmosphere of this very special and typical market à l'ancienne.

Let's us all truffle for at least once in our life.