Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tomatoes, cats and ... birds

It was a tomato week. As we are always late with planting our tomatoes they are only ripening as they should right now. Here the harvest of one day :

The seven varieties are (from left to right): Roma, yellow pearshaped cherry tomato, thai pink egg tomato, noire de Crimée, coeur de boeuf, red cherry tomato and green zebra.

So all day we are making a lot of tomato soup, (spaghetti) sauses and tried even to make our own ketchup for the home cocktail sause. Not that bad.

This week Chiara and Marcello discovered the pleasure of climbing the trees and chasing birds together.

Such a joy to see. Especially Marcello whose special pleasure consists in jumping on the trunk and hanging there midway.

Nevertheless, all their activities outdoors couldn't prevent a strange bird from landing in our porch at the front door : a huîtrier variable (Haematopus unicolor - Variable Oystercatcher), called Le Vertige (meaning Vertigo, dizziness).
We kind of like him already. Artist: Geneviève Caplet.