Sunday, September 30, 2012

Heritage days in the Lot near Prayssac

As every year the "Journées du Patrimoine" (Heritage Days) were organised the third weekend of September. During these days you can visit an endless variety of well-known (but usually off-bounds) historical monuments.

Some history

The European Council instated the EU-backed Heritage Days in 1991 on a French idea dating back to 1983 (when the Ministry of Culture held its first historical-monument open days). More than 40 French countries and regions hold Heritage Days now.

We went to two places near-by : Les Junies and Saint-Medard.

The monastery Notre-Dame of Les Junies was a 14th century monastery for dominican nuns, heavily destroyed during the French Revolution.
In the last ten years it has been beautifully restored, e.g. the chapter-house.


Further information (in French) see couvent Notre-Dame.

The Manoir du Rouergou in Saint-Medard is an ancient wine castle in local 17th and 18th century country architecture where during the year e.a. art exhibitions are held.
We loved the bread oven covered with tiles and one of the small barns.
Unique is the big barn for its wooden construction.


More historic information see manoir du rouergou.