Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not the best week ever.

This week only minor changes, one 'piccolo' disaster and much cleaning - and shopping as well.

The craftsmen - plumber, electrician and joiner ('doorman') - kept us hanging on but promised to come next week to finish. Only the 'caches' for switches were put in different colours.

The pool pump broke down. We have to wait for another one. The water is getting green. I have to restart the cleaning all over again.

Luckily the weather is fine (summer temperatures around 30°) and the garden is alive and kicking: the grass is coming out (with a lot of watering) and the flowers are beautifully coloured. Flower of the week: verbascum in bloom (height normally 1m60, this year ca. 2m!).

The shopping marathon to decorate the rooms has begun : for the moment all the beds, mattrasses, pillows, duvets etc. are ordered. Also bought some bedside tables.