Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not the best week ever.

This week only minor changes, one 'piccolo' disaster and much cleaning - and shopping as well.

The craftsmen - plumber, electrician and joiner ('doorman') - kept us hanging on but promised to come next week to finish. Only the 'caches' for switches were put in different colours.

The pool pump broke down. We have to wait for another one. The water is getting green. I have to restart the cleaning all over again.

Luckily the weather is fine (summer temperatures around 30°) and the garden is alive and kicking: the grass is coming out (with a lot of watering) and the flowers are beautifully coloured. Flower of the week: verbascum in bloom (height normally 1m60, this year ca. 2m!).

The shopping marathon to decorate the rooms has begun : for the moment all the beds, mattrasses, pillows, duvets etc. are ordered. Also bought some bedside tables.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some more premieres + RIP

It is a hot summer's day: some 30° in the shadow. This week again there were some premieres: first watering of the freshly sown grass, first swim after cleaning the pool stairs, the first doorsteps were tiled and from the garden the first strawberries were gathered (thanks to Claude). And thermic isolation was stuck on the wall behind the radiators

A whole period has come to an end. More than one year after first usage (April 2008) my loyal and very useful companion - the scaffolding - was dismantled today after finishing the varnishing of the wooden timbers on the landing. Finally! Hurray hurray. Only after the touristic season I will need it again to finish the private office.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Waiting for the green green grass of home

This week the painting of the living room was finished and the cleaning started: future ballroom bliss?.

Also some nice embellishments in the occitane room: an argent plated rope with a brush on the end was stuck to raise the stucco head of the bed.

Meanwhile the garden was started, the ground levelled out, the grass was sown. The first day of rain was very welcome.

This weekend the first tomatoes (given to us by Maurice) and the first bushes (privet and hibiscus) were planted.

Some other small things were done: the aeration tile in form of a mushroom or lantern was put on the roof and especially the cleaning of the terrace. Things get normal again.

And finally: The mystery of the first visitor is solved. And the winner is ... Martine.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Entrance to parking space completed

Since this morning the entrance to the parking space is complete. I cannot wait to see who will be the first visitor and customer to park here.

In the meantime the preparation of the swimming pool for summer has begun. Our robot makes 5 hours' walks and climbs the walls - very impressive.

And on special request: who's this bloody guy with his cup of coffee?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Historic day

After two years and a half the ruin has become an normally accessible house. Look for yourself.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The best we could do

As forecast, the weather this week was awfull until yesterday - though with rather nice views of rainbows and sunsets. So the progress was made by hand and not by machine. The structure of the path to our house was designed, the first painting was hung up in the ridge of the staircase (thanks to Martine Faupin Jado), the walls of the living room for the guests were painted in enduit ciment beton (colours Berlin and Stockholm). Our little garten shows already some nice flowers and trees.