Sunday, April 18, 2010

outdoor terraces II

We worked very hard this week on the terraces outside.
Apart from one day in mid-week with Siberian cold wind - we had to put three pullovers and even then we had to stop early - the weather was again on our side - beautiful sunny weather : highest temperature measured on the front pavement : 28° at 7 pm.

The 'round' terraces at the back of the house are finished now. The jointing is ready. So the planting of flowers, bushes, etc. can really start now.

The terraces in front of the house are nearly tiled as well:
- the private one is finished except for the jointing,
- the big one for the chambres d'hôtes is tiled except for the borders.
So still some work to do next week.
The tile is called stone of Jericho, made in Italy, three formats and colour ton pierre.

Nature is getting greener and greener and more colourful - apple tree blossoms, wild tulips, rosemary, etc. all around.

And every day after work Stefaan and I sat on the terrace for a well deserved aperitif enjoying some nice local viognier.