Sunday, June 17, 2012

All of a sudden I realise that I've never told you something about Lacapelle Marival, one of the most beautiful villages of France.
I don't know why but it is like that.
So today let's remedy that.

Lacapelle Marival - half way between the rivers of the Lot and the Dordogne - is located some 20 km in the North-West of Figeac, nestled within the verdant valleys and wooded hills at the western edge of the Massif Central.

The grand chateau Cardaillac occupies a dominant place in the village and was the foundation of the community here.
Built by the feudal family of Cardaillac in the 13th Century, effectively the local rulers at this time, it was the central point around which the village developed.
The architecture of the building and of the old houses in the village, give a strong feeling of history to the commune.

Today - thanks to its geographical situation - Lacapelle Marival forms a lively centre for trade, artisans and village fairs.

Let's have a look and enjoy !