Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tiling (end)

This week the tiling of the laundry and wash room was finished. Although to some perhaps it might seem strange and a waste to tile the garage and the wash room it will give us in summer a extra nice room to work and wash.

Compared to the rest of Europe and the north and middle of France weather was alright  : cold but no snow and every day some sunshine. So, what else could one do than preserve fruits by making jam.
In total we have 155 pots of jam waiting for you: apple-raisin, pastèque, quince and rose tomatoes.
Yammy yam.

Another plan for the near future is to improve and update the mas houvande website. Planned are - amongst other things - a photo album and a news wall.
To be followed.
The little photos on the home page have already been changed and replaced by brighter ones.
All ideas are welcome.

Oh yes, I almost forgot:
don't forget to put your slippers beside the fireplace tonight.
You never know if Saint Nicholas will bring you gifts.