Sunday, March 21, 2010

electricity : third stage

In the story of getting the electricity supply of the house underground this week we passed to stage 3.
After the digging in of the electric wires (1) and the installation of the electric cabin (2) this time - again two months later - they connected the cabin with the house.
And this with great problems - just look at the light rope to pull the black heavy electric cable through the plastic tube (gaine).
Indeed it tore in two so they had to dig holes in the gravel path to go and look for the lost cable.
But all's well that ends well.

The weather was excellent this week - the really first week of spring time. So I began weeding the lawn and sowed new grass.
Now we're waiting for some rain so the seeds can take root in the ground.
As they say : if a 'farmer' isn't complaining about the weather something is wrong.

See you.