Sunday, August 30, 2009

Waiting for ... (12)

This week very little news if not that this week-end the small town of Prayssac celebrates the patron saint's day (fête votive). As part of the festivities there was a concert of a young rock band - the lead singer Emma is the daughter of Belgian friends here in Prayssac. We went, we saw that it was good - but forgot our camera.

As september is coming along nights are getting fresh and in the morning sometimes there is fog (brouillard) which always results in nice views with Belaye in the background.

Flower of the week: hibiscus. Not that this is such a big event or a special plant, but we are particularly happy as the small plant managed to survive in the heat and even produced flowers.

We are living at the Caillou des Roches for more than a year now. But what about our cat, Trottinette, you will ask? Fear not, la vecchia donna (already 17 years old), likes the place a lot.

Series: Trotti in the house.