Saturday, June 6, 2009

Opening doors and closing doors : that's life.

This week was a very important week. The doors were put, the bathrooms are ready. What a change! Grazie al matrimonio immaginario (free translation: Luckily we had a fictitious marriage to manage). Moreover we hang the first lights.

All week was a week of evenings of very much watering except for the weekend as on Friday afternoon there was a very heavy storm with a lot of rain, thunder and lightning. For some time our garden looked more a rice field than a grass field. Unfortunately the storm came along with some collateral damage : our oven ('forno') was thunderstruck as well and doesn't work any more. Also our verbascums (remember last week) suffered a lot.

Throughout the heat we managed to save our tomatoes (thanks to an inventive system to protect their 'feet' from the sun - inspired by our neighbour Maurice).

Finally: Today is Mother's Day in France.
Halo to all mothers : Women are life. Philosophy on a lazy rather sunny sunday afternoon. Just take it for granted.