Sunday, June 28, 2009

Waiting for ... (3)

At last some of the furniture was delivered this week with - as usual here - a lot of delay. Arrived : chairs, dinner tables, beds, some bedside tables, lamps and pillows. Putting them together took three days with help from Martine who painted in the meantime all the joints of the lately put skirting-boards around the doors. Moreover our tempest struck oven was repaired at last after three attempts (reason: the first two times the delivered spare parts were of a previous type of oven).

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Waiting for ... (2) : with a little help from my friend

This week was a week of hard work: putting the coping (chaperons) on the partition walls (murettes), making of wall cabinets (placards), finishing the gutter of the pool house, started to cut the 'collected' wood of two and a half years of building and destruction on the other side of the road and varnishing the terrace wood. For all that a great thanks to Stefaan who as always brought half of his garage with him to help us.

The grass is getting greener. A first mowing was necessary.

Some more lights were hung. The terrace is getting cosier.

Flower of the week: crocosmia.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Waiting for ....

Apart from the usual cleaning in the house a lot of useful small things were done : finishing the aeration, putting a gutter on the pool house, pouring concrete doorsteps on the balconies and putting the skirting-boards around the doors. After a lot of difficulties the pool is ready to be swum in.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Opening doors and closing doors : that's life.

This week was a very important week. The doors were put, the bathrooms are ready. What a change! Grazie al matrimonio immaginario (free translation: Luckily we had a fictitious marriage to manage). Moreover we hang the first lights.

All week was a week of evenings of very much watering except for the weekend as on Friday afternoon there was a very heavy storm with a lot of rain, thunder and lightning. For some time our garden looked more a rice field than a grass field. Unfortunately the storm came along with some collateral damage : our oven ('forno') was thunderstruck as well and doesn't work any more. Also our verbascums (remember last week) suffered a lot.

Throughout the heat we managed to save our tomatoes (thanks to an inventive system to protect their 'feet' from the sun - inspired by our neighbour Maurice).

Finally: Today is Mother's Day in France.
Halo to all mothers : Women are life. Philosophy on a lazy rather sunny sunday afternoon. Just take it for granted.