Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First stroke of winter

During the last seven days we had two strokes of snow in the Lot at Prayssac.
It snowed at times so heavily that most of the traffic came to an end.
Last Wednesday it snowed for nine hours in a row; on Sunday the whole morning and a bit of the afternoon.

The weight at places was so heavy that trees broke down in front of the house, on "our eternal hill" la Cevenne. It blocked the road between Belaye and Pescadoires. Even yesterday they were still cutting the fallen trees.

The swimming pool cover was bending so dangerously downwards that we had to clean it three times in a few hours to make it snowfree to restore it.

Nonetheless we adore the snow. Contrary to cities no salt spreading is done so the snow remains virginally white untill it melts naturally.

Some impressions :

For the moment everything is back to normal again.

See you.