Sunday, July 26, 2009

Waiting for ... (7)

This week every day rain was expected, but what we got was on Tuesday night heavy lightning and a storm wind that caused some damage on the roof: ten tiles broken, two rows lifted.

The piscine was heavily used as on some days it was so hot and humid (36 - 38°) that every guest returned during the afternoon to take a good swim.

The refrigerator for the guests arrived, the table of information brochures and leaflets at the disposal of the guests is increasing steadily.

Nature was beautiful - also through a glass mirror.

And first long B & B - evenings around a large dinner table.

Thanks to Pol for some of the photos.

1 comment:

myriam said...

Een aanrader voor eenieder die de stilte verkiest boven de stadsdrukte.
Prachtig gelegen mooie villa met aangename kamers, zeer ruime douches, uitstekende, copieuze maaltijden...vriendelijk onthaal.
Wij gaan zeker terug!